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​​Is the Gastric Balloon Right for me?

Is the Gastric Balloon Right for me?

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At Previty we provide a comprehensive program for weight loss. Both surgical and non-surgical options are offered depending on your weight loss goals, your health problems and risk for having surgery. The gastric balloon is the newest option for non-surgical management. If you have a desire to lose weight and do not want surgery, consider this life-changing weight loss tool. To be successful you have to follow our one-year plan that includes nutrition visits, follow-up and placement and removal of the intragastric balloon.  We will give you the tools necessary to be successful on your journey.  Long distant followup is available with our team through Skype™.

If your BMI is 30 or above, or you have about 50 pounds to lose quickly, you are a candidate for the intragastric balloon today!

There is no wait time nor a lengthy approval process. Clinical trials show weight loss to be substantial and with your new lifestyle the weight stays off. This tool provides a quick kick-start to your weight loss and a FreshStart to your new life. Obesity is a disease and we can help you cure.

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