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What to expect?

Eating Guidelines
• Chew multiple times and eat and swallow your food slowly
• Stop eating when you "start" to feel full; don't push your self; small portions is an effective strategy
• Gradually introduce a variety of foods to your meal, especially those high in protein like meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs.
Have a protein-rich food with each meal.
• Avoid raw vegetables, unless chopped very well
• Try to avoid carbonated beverages
• Avoid things with high caloric density such as sugar, honey, candy, sweet drinks, dried fruits, fat based dressings and nuts
• When using salad dressing, stick to olive oil or balsamic vinegar
• Avoid eating late at night and do not eat for at least two hours before going to sleep. The gastric balloons migrate up to the top of your stomach when you sleep and may cause reflex and/or nausea.

Drinking Guidelines
• If you do have reflux in the evening, avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, tomatoes, oranges and/or other acidic foods. If the reflux persists, try placing pillows underneath your head so your not laying flat.
• Do not smoke or chew tobacco
• In case of vomiting, stop eating for at least two hours then drink a small amount of water and proceed with soft foods as tolerated

Lifestyle Guidelines
• Meet regularly with the Previty's Fresh Start Bariactric team to stay motivated and committed to the program
• Attend scheduled follow-up meetings for optimal results
• Keep a diary of what you eat and how much you exercise
• Make your new nutrition plan a long-term lifestyle change